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Yousif started his PhD in early 2019 where he hopes to contribute new knowledge and make recommendations to the relevant institutions to resolve some of the issues which arise under the interplay amongst the doctrines of immunity, norms jus cogens, and universal jurisdiction. In particular, this includes the African Union, International Criminal Court, and the United Nations.

Research Project:

The research project is titled 'International Order or Chaos: Immunity and jus cogens' and is expected to be completed by early 2022.The research focuses on the probable consequence of inconsistent application of two doctrines in International Law, namely, immunity and jus cogens. The disunity of the corpus of International Law inspired by instabilities arising from misapplication and misuse of either or both these standards raises enormous questions for the integrity of International Law, threating devaluation of the particular norms and chaos in the International Legal System.


  • LLB (Hons) - Brunel University London
  • LLM (With "The Professor Kaikobad Memorial Prize for Best Postgraduate Dissertation" and "Dean's Prize for Innovation and Impact in Master's Dissertations") - Brunel University London