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The Physiotherapy Division at Brunel University London is actively engaged in a range of research that aims to bring improvements to clinical practice and patient care. Through our research we aim to develop a better understanding of the experience and needs of people living with long term conditions, to develop and test novel approaches to rehabilitation, to refine and improve existing clinical approaches and to enhance the standard of physiotherapy education.

Key themes of our research include:

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of contemporary and novel rehabilitation strategies for long term conditions.
  • The refinement of contemporary rehabilitation, preventative and health promotion strategies used to enhance the wellbeing of people with stroke, cerebral palsy, cardiac disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain and people in critical care.
  • The use of electronic and assistive technologies.
  • Peoples’ experiences of physiotherapy and/or living with long term health conditions.
  • The use of principles from sports psychology to help older adults overcome fear of falling and improve mobility and to reduce gait deficits (such as freezing of gait) in people with Parkinson’s disease.
  • The use of principles from sports psychology.
  • Investigating participation and pedagogy to enhance the learning experience of student physiotherapists.

We have established a substantial and growing body of published research in this area and we welcome PhD applications relevant to these themes. Visit our staff page for more detail of the research interests of our individual members of staff.

Research Centres

The College of Health and Life Sciences hosts three research centres:

These centres promote interdisciplinary and high impact research by acting as key points of contact between academics, practitioners and the wider community.

Many College academics are also members of Brunel’s Institute of Environment, Health and Societies.

Related PhD courses

You are very welcome to undertake your PhD or MPhil in one of our research areas and work alongside our researchers. As a research student you'll benefit from the latest work by internationally-renowned academics and the support of our Graduate School. Many of our research initiatives involve successful collaborations with industry, the public sector, business and government, both in the UK and overseas. We have many funded and non-funded research degree opportunities available. For more information, visit our Research Degrees homepage