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Erasmus programmes

This information is for:
  • Brunel University London students in Politics and History thinking of studying abroad as part of their programme
  • Students at our partner universities in other countries seeking more information about studying Politics and History at Brunel on one of our Erasmus/Exchange programmes.

Outgoing students

This section provides information for Brunel University students in Politics and History who are considering a study experience either in Europe or overseas.

Our department actively encourages you to spend a period of their studies overseas. We believe our Politics and History students benefit greatly from an overseas experience. We have exchange agreements with many partner universities throughout Europe. Please check here for our currently available programmes.

FAQs and download forms for Brunel outgoing students here.

Incoming students

This section provides information for students at our partner universities who are considering a study experience in the department of Politics and History at Brunel University London.

If you wish to come to Brunel as an Erasmus/Exchange student you should contact the relevant Erasmus/Exchange Co-ordinator and/or the International Relations Office at your home university to find out about the application procedure and selection process. You will not be able to submit an application to Brunel University until selected by your home institution, who will then provide you with the necessary application form and information about modules. Brunel University regularly sends these to partner institutions.

If you have already been selected and are in the process of completing your application, please read the other sections of our department webpage. Being selected by your home institution is not an absolute guarantee of acceptance by Brunel University. You will need to provide details about your academic record, your proficiency in English and your choice of modules so that the academic selectors at Brunel University can consider your application. The timetable for applications also applies: applications should, if possible, be received by 15th May 2012.

The department of Politics and History at Brunel University can only accept a limited number of Erasmus/Exchange students each year, and this number is agreed with co-ordinators at each partner institution in the previous academic year.

Students on the Erasmus/Exchange scheme are not charged tuition fees at Brunel.

Courses and assessment

To ensure academic recognition is given by the home university wherever possible, Brunel uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). 2 Brunel credits = 1 ECTS credit).

For more details see our courses and credits.

Students whose home university has particular requirements restricting their programme of study abroad should ensure details are provided in their application form; we will endeavour to accommodate such requirements when informed about them in advance.

Erasmus students are expected to select a programme from the undergraduate modules on offer. In exceptional circumstances suitably qualified students may be considered for postgraduate modules if places are available.

Further information

Go to FAQs for incoming students or visit the Brunel International website.