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Lab 3: Innovation, Digitalisation and Society


Lab Lead: Dr Ana Canhoto, Reader in Marketing

Email: ana.canhoto@brunel.ac.uk

Mission: This research lab brings together researchers from across the social sciences and humanities to conduct research, educate and engage with managers and policymakers on issues related to the interplay between society and technological innovation. We examine how technology and society shape each other, sometimes enabling innovation (e.g., by allowing micro enterprises to compete in international markets), and at other times constraining it (e.g. by creating social and financial exclusion). Our research is multidisciplinary, and uses multiple methods of inquiry, to challenge simplistic views of technological innovation. Our sophisticated, holistic appreciation of how society both shapes and is shaped by technology enables innovation that is a force for good in society. By working closely with the users of our research, as expert partners across all stages of the research process, we ensure that our work is impactful and responds to the needs of research users.


Dr Ana Conhoto is Reader in Marketing and a member of the Marketing and Corporate Brand Research Group. Her research focuses on the use of digital technology in interactions between firms and their customers. Ana is particularly interested in the use and consequences of algorithmic decision making and the development of digital footprints. Since March 2020, Ana has been Associate Editor of the Journal of Marketing Management.