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Covid response

Our research excellence, outputs and collaboration have a defined focus on COVID-19 responses. Our members have been directly involved in rapid responses to COVID-19 related calls including Victor (IDEAL COVID awarded), Nelson-Becker (DHSC/UKRI COVID-19 panel reviewer), Baily/Mansfield/Victor (Diabetes UK) and Kilbride (UKRI with UCL, St George’s, Imperial and NHS partners).

Further developments in COVID-related research and future funding applications involve coproduction and codesign approaches to active travel and urban design (Mansfield, Bailey, MRC), behaviour change interventions (AHRC Mansfield, Manika {Business School}, Spinelli {Design} and King’s {Psychology} and a focus on World Health Organisation priorities for integrating the social sciences into research to understand COVID-19 impacts on vulnerable groups and on social inequalities.

 Examples of our work include: