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Our aims

Sedentary behaviour is recognised as an independent risk factor for non-communicable disease, mental ill-health and early death. This is problematic as technological advancements in transportation, communications, workplaces, and domestic entertainment has created environments that encourage engagement in sedentary behaviour.

The Sedentary Behaviour, Health and Disease Research Group aims to advance our understanding of the health effects of sedentary behaviour and how best to develop and implement interventions that focus on reducing and breaking up sedentary behaviour for optimal health and wellbeing.

The aims of this research group are to:

  1. Become a leading international group investigating the relationship of sedentary behaviour with health and wellbeing through the conduct of epidemiological, observational and experimental research.
  2. Develop and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions to reduce and break up sedentary behaviour across different population groups and settings and implement these into the community and healthcare systems to benefit society.
  3. Achieve the above by creating a strong and vibrant team of researchers that are competitive in securing external research funding, generate high impact outputs, and form strong partnerships with key stakeholders in society.