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About us

GEMnet is a network of cell and molecular biologists working to understand how the health and functionality of a cell’s genome impacts on organismal well-being, fecundity and life-span, as well as researching how a poorly functioning genome is intimately involved in disease and poor health.

The network brings together academics from different research themes within the Institute of Environment, Health and Societies with an interest in genome biology and behaviour in health and disease.

More specifically research focuses on how a eukaryotic cell controls its genome, from signals received at the plasma membrane through to how this is read by the cell nucleus to regulate gene expression via nuclear structure, epigenetics and spatial organisation. The behaviour of viral and bacterial genomes are also studied by our members. Genome malfunction causes many diseases and interferes with the health of an individual and so many of our members also work on the aspects of dysfunctional genomes with respect to mutation, instability and deregulation in cancer, infection, degenerative syndromes and ageing; looking for ways to correct deleterious genome behaviour through pharmaceuticals, alternative therapies, genome engineering and gene therapy.

Members of Gemnet have world class expertise with respect to state of the art methodologies and technologies for genome analysis such as bioimaging -from the single cell level to whole organisms with high-throughput or in 4 dimensions, image analysis, and multi-colour and 3D fluorescence in situ hybridisation.

For more information about the Genome Engineering and Maintenance Network, please contact:

Dr Joanna Bridger Email: joanna.bridger@brunel.ac.uk Telephone: +44 (0)1895 266272 Location: Heinz Wolff Building 132