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Institute of Environment, Health and Societies ten strategic research goals

Goal 1: Identify and understand biological mechanisms important for maintenance of healthy ageing, and those underlying disease in order to enable the development of prevention and intervention strategies.

Goal 2: Identify and understand how combinations of physical, chemical, psychosocial and cultural factors, interact with disease mechanisms to influence illness health and wellbeing. Identify effective, efficient and equitable preventive solutions.

Goal 3: Understand the disproportionate risks of disease for vulnerable populations and for the elderly, and define and support public health and prevention solutions.

Goal 4: Increase understanding of the totality of environmental, economic social and psychological factors that affect health and wellbeing across the life span.

Goal 5: Respond to emerging threats to ecosystems, human health and wellbeing, on both a local and global scale.

  • Predict environmental change and disaster and threats to health and social care and financial services
  • Develop solution driven technologies and other approaches to create clean and healthy natural environments and maintain and restore ecosystem services
  • Engineer microbial systems for bioremediation of pollution and for the manufacture of synthetic biomaterials to promote a circular economy and to create sustainable ecologies.

Goal 6: Evaluate health and wellbeing policies, practices, technologies and behaviours in order to:

  • Assess related economic impacts
  • Inform allocation of resources
  • Invest in research programs that test how disease prevention and treatment improves population health
  • Evaluate the wider social, political, environmental and cultural impacts of research

Goal 7: Deliver translative research, tools and techniques that enhance health and wellbeing and longevity

  • Environmental, psychological and cultural interventions to promote healthy ageing and wellbeing and prevent disease and disability
  • Health and social care interventions to improve quality of life and life expectancy
  • Biomedical engineering of smart micro-devices for monitoring, diagnosis and therapy of diseases and for enhancing wellbeing
  • Translational gene therapy to treat and cure disease
  • Translative environmental and health policy research and communication.
  • Transformational method development to increase the rigour and relevance of our research to policy makers.

Goal 8: Play a lead role within the academic community in encouraging interdisciplinary approaches to environment, health and societies research and in establishing high quality international academic partnerships to enhance the global relevance of our research.

Goal 9. Teach an integrated environmental, health and social sciences at all levels of education and training to increase literacy and generate awareness and to inspire a cadre of scientists from a wider range of disciplines to move forward our interdisciplinary research agenda.

Goal 10: Promote communication and collaboration between researchers and stakeholders and with the public in order to advance research translation and public awareness.