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Cumberland Initiative

Brunel University London Professor spearheads NHS cost-saving research
The Cumberland Initiative, led by Brunel University London Professor Terry Young, is aimed at developing simulations of the healthcare processes, systems and computer models to enable health service staff to operate and deploy resources in the most efficient ways.

Festival of Evidence II- Day 1

The first day of the Festival of Evidence held that The Cumberlab (October 4th 2016) focused on urgent care and the role that modelling is playing in getting better decisions. Highlights include contributions from Jacqui White, NHS England, and Richard Gleave, Public Health England.

Festival of Evidence II- Day 2

Peter Lacey of The Whole Systems Partnership, introduces a fast-moving day of discussion and expert presentations. Academic talks feature Professors carol Brayne and Carol Jagger, with some encouraging news on the dementia front.

Modelling to Change Minds
The quality of our decisions depends upon the quality of our model. If the model is all in our heads, then we will have difficulties when we encounter new scenarios or where we are faced with complexity.