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About Us

The Cumberland Initiative started with a group of academics meeting in July 2010. These academics had a shared commitment to changing the quality and cost of healthcare. They are a movement to encourage simulation and modelling of healthcare senarios to improve NHS quality of care delivery.

The Cumberland Initiative works through its affiliates: Clinicians, Academics and Industry Experts. Its core strength lies in the network they have with these clinicians and health managers, industry experts and thought-leading academics with long publishing track records in health and social care modelling and delivery. 

Launch Webinar

Released in January 2017, this webinar introduces The Cumberland Initative, exploring the reasons behind modelling and what we gain from this. Professor Terry Young, Chair of Healthcare Systems at Brunel University London, leads this webinar and explains how these models can be used in healthcare. 

Thinking of joining?

Becoming a Cumberland affiliate allows you to work with like-minded people helping to carry out projects working with universities and companies which evoke change in the healthcare industry. Using modelling and simulation to make more efficient processes and systems will transform quality of care to make it more cost effective and produce better outcomes. 

Contact the Initiative by emailing info@cumberland-initiative.org for more information on joining.

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