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Brunel University London 

Brunel (also acting as coordinating partner) celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2016, having been part of Harold Wilson’s mission into the, ‘White hot heat of technology’ and is a partner in Imperial College Health Partners. Healthcare systems thinking is supported across all three of its colleges (health & life sciences; engineering, design & physical sciences; and business, arts & social sciences). For instance, Professor Young chairs a cross-campus committee to focus the research its research and project-oriented capabilities into applied healthcare. Particular strengths are its health economics, medical sociology and simulation and modelling, as well as a growing group in synthetic biology which is strongly modelling-based. Significant, relevant grants in the field include the MATCH and RIGHT projects, totalling around £12M, and researching value and process in healthcare.
Together with Buckinghamshire New University (and Imperial College), Brunel has created the Health Sciences Academy as a means of opening up modules on existing courses and offering new modules and short courses, targeted geographically primarily to clinicians in Northwest London. In addition, there is a strong Executive Education capability through the Business School with a track record in healthcare topics.

There are a number of other universities and companies that The Cumberland Initiative is partnered with, click on their names below to find out more.

Cadgwith Health

Cadgwith Health – are specialists in consultancy solutions to enable health organisations to realise their full potential by improving performance and results. Cadgwith Health provides professional consultancy services and interim roles at senior executive level.

Cardiff University

Cardiff University is member of the Russell Group of research-led universities and has two Nobel Laureates on its staff. Their world-leading research was ranked 5th amongst UK universities in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework for quality and 2nd for impact. In 2014 the University’s research grant income amounted to £93.6m. The Cardiff Innovation System is an ambitious £300M investment that will boost the Welsh economy and see Cardiff University become internationally recognised as an engine for future prosperity, health and growth in Wales, the UK and the wider world. As part of these plans, it is investing in the world’s first Social Science Research Park. Cardiff has particular strengths in health and bioscientific research, being home to several related institutes such as the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute, the Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institute, and the Sustainable Places Research Institute.

Furthermore there is strong population health research group based in the Biomedical and Life Science College, and pan-Wales collaboration on healthcare modelling being led by Health Modelling Centre Cymru under the directorship of Professor Paul Harper, Operational Research Group, School of Mathematics. hmc2 builds out from the current expertise in this field across Wales, fostering collaboration across different research areas of the mathematical and computational sciences, to create a more vibrant and effective interface between the mathematical research community, the medical research community, NHS Wales, the Welsh Government and the Health Industry.
In partnership with the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, hmc2 has established an embedded mathematical modelling unit with Aneurin Bevan Continuous Improvement (ABCi) – a team of 4 research associates and a joint lecturer in Operational Research. The team’s work is the first known case of embedded mathematical modelling in healthcare in the UK (or globally), creating an ongoing dialogue between modellers, clinicians and managers, encouraging them to engage, innovate, test alternatives, and take on leadership roles. The team were proud winners of the 2015 Cardiff University Innovation and Impact award for healthcare. Together with ABCi and PenCHORD (Exeter), they have developed and successfully delivered to hundreds of NHS staff healthcare modelling training courses including introduction to statistics, Excel modelling, OR modelling, systems thinking and data visualisation.

Ethos Partnership

Ethos Partnership – A group of like-minded individuals who believe that the power of simulation can help overcome a major unmet need in health and social care. Ethos isco-developing a flexible simulation platform to facilitate transformation programmes at a population level. The focus is on high disease burden complex conditions and will universally available across the web. The platform is known as Symphonia.


i5Health – has a culture of innovation that is soundly based on both a high level of IT expertise and a deep experience of the Health sector and the NHS in particular. It has a particular ability to link multiple sources of information and generate highly sophisticated and actionable support reports. i5 Health is dedicated to NHS commissioning support by delivering IT cloud solutions to improve operational performance.

Numeration aims to provide organisations with highly granular health & wellbeing operational models based on real numbers. Used to aid the comprehensive understanding of existing service models and support better deployment of resources, the use of these tools has been demonstrated to yield significant efficiencies by rationalising service delivery and reducing the organisations costs and carbon footprint. Utilising existing data streams and applying sophisticated algorithms, the models developed by Numeration give organisations insight and strategic control over complex service delivery.

Queen's University Belfast

Sidqam Ltd

Sidqam Ltd – is an IT solution provider focusing on the provision of healthcare systems and mobile applications for healthcare professionals and patients. Our solutions are aimed at helping both individuals as well as organisations enhance their healthcare delivery and continuity of care through the implementation and adoption of cutting-edge technology. Our signature product is Eventus, a web-based, digital healthcare management/EHR system, to improve the recording, management, and sharing of clinical and administrative data.

SIMUL8 Corporation

SIMUL8 Corporation – specializes in the development, implementation and support of powerful simulation and modelling software. Its key strength lies in the specialist knowledge and extensive experience of its staff. Its client base includes some of the world’s largest organizations, who have all benefited from using its products, consulting and support services. SIMUL8’s team is led by Claire Cordeaux, with more than 20 years’ background in the NHS and Social Care.


Solcom based on the Isle of Wight, Solcom has developed high specification, but low cost and flexible telehealth and telecare monitoring systems. Over the past 7 years we have delivered the system to an expanding number of users within care homes and the NHS to monitor patients with long-term conditions such as Diabetes, COPD and Chronic Heart Failure.

Recently, the number of applications has been increasing towards elderly care and for short-term use such as patients post op.
The system connects a variety of clinical monitoring devices by blue tooth to either a tablet computer, or smartphone. Patients are prompted by the tablet to take their readings and these are almost instantly transmitted to carers within primary and secondary care.
Should patient readings be outside pre-determined parameters an email is automatically generated and sent to the duty clinician and contact is made to the patient, usually first by phone or face-to-face, as the tablets are video conference enabled.
Solcom holds data providing supporting evidence that patients are reassured through use of the system, in turn leading to a reduction in the number of ambulance call outs and unnecessary admissions.The system provides training videos for patients, is available in over 35 languages, it’s very cost effective and secure to Information Governance Level 2 in the NHS.

Symmetric Partnership

Symmetric Partnership – work mainly with the Public Sector & has a portfolio of over 70 clients and 250 projects. They create opportunities for organisations to improve their strategic decision making, using a range of interventions but specialise in the use of simulation modelling and in particular System Dynamics Models.

Ulster University 

Ulster University is a university with a national and international reputation for excellence, innovation and regional engagement. They make a major contribution to the economic, social and cultural development of Northern Ireland and play a key role in attracting inward investment. Their core business activities are teaching and learning, widening access to education, research and innovation and technology and knowledge transfer. Some major achievements and strengths follow:

    • They have a positive impact on the economy and community in Northern Ireland and employ over 3000 staff with an annual turnover of more than £200 million.
    • Technology and knowledge transfer and commercial exploitation of ideas are promoted by their Office of Innovation through a range of initiatives and ongoing research and consultancy with business and industry.
    • They are a major contributor to the Research and Development capacity within Northern Ireland and they support local business and industry. The 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) confirmed the strength and quality of their research and the advances that they are continually making.
    • They make a leading contribution to lifelong learning (via eLearning), widening access to education for all – enhancing the region’s knowledge base.
    • Partnerships have been forged with other educational providers locally, nationally and internationally and they have a network of strategic partnerships throughout the world.

In particular Ulster University has a strong track record in research, consultancy and training in areas of health OR, business thinking for health, mathematical modelling, design, and engineering, involving staff from the Faculty of Computing and Engineering, in collaboration with the Ulster Business School, and Faculty of Life and Health Sciences. Along with Brunel and other Universities, Ulster University have been partners in a number of relevant prestigious grants, including the MATCH and RIGHT projects, in collaboration with Brunel and other Universities. Recent successes include the establishment of an industry-led Centre of Excellence in Connected Health Innovation, for enhanced partnerships with industry and research users to deliver impact and stimulate regional economic development and the establishment of the Connected Health Innovation Centre, delivering connected health research at a scale that is industrially and clinically relevant.

The University of Westminster

The University of Westminster was founded as Britain’s first polytechnic in 1838. Since then it has developed into a university that combines both metropolitan and cosmopolitan dimensions, and which is closely involved in business, professional and academic life within London, as well as overseas.

The Faculty of Science and Technology is based in the Cavendish Campus at the University of Westminster. The purpose-built and architecturally distinctive campus is in central London, 10 minutes from Oxford Street and next to the iconic BT Tower. Research in the Faculty encompasses a wide range of disciplines, drawn from the life sciences, electronics and computer science, and psychological sciences. Much of the research has an applied focus. Experienced and research-active staff work in close collaboration with the bio-industry, NHS and other research institutions within the UK, Europe and the US.

The Whole Systems Partnership

The Whole Systems Partnership (WSP) – has been supporting health and social care partners in strategy and partnership development projects for over 13 years, addressing complex, strategic challenges that typically involve more than one agency or organisation to achieve a successful outcome. WSP is a consultancy provider in collaboration with its technology partner, Isee Systems in the US which develop the industry leading ‘ithink’/Stella brand of SD modelling software.

Wegyanik Ltd

Wegyanik Ltd – is developing a new model of healthcare that provides a high quality customer experience at the first point of contact. They are developing high-impact projects at the intersection of primary care and specialist care to demonstrate the technical, operational and commercial feasibility of leading edge technology. This will enable healthcare professionals and provider organisations to provide high quality, accessible and affordable care with compassion in demanding environments.