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ETC Brunel hosts an extensive electron microscopy suite comprising of a state of the art TEM, as well as a FIB-SEM, FEG-SEM and tungsten thermo-ionic emission SEM. The Zeiss Supra and Crossbeam are ultra-high performance field emission scanning electron microscopes, with both high-vacuum and variable operating pressure (VP) capability.

TEM 21

Jeol 2100

Top range scanning TEM with CL and EELS

The Jeol 2100F Field Emission Gun Transmission Electron Microscope is a state of the art high resolution microscope capable of imaging at the sub-nanometre scale and, when coupled with our Gatan Vulcan system for cathodoluminescence, it is a unique system within the UK and 1 of only a handful within the world. Together with the extensive preparation suite and FIB-SEM, the TEM is a highly useful analytical tool capable of analysing samples from many scientific disciples.

  • Gatan GIF Quantum Image Filtering/Electron Energy Loss Spectrometer
  • Thermo-Fisher Scientific Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer
  • Scanning TEM, for mapping features, including elemental and CL signal mapping
  • Electron diffraction, for crystalline information
  • Tomography, for 3 dimension TEM imaging.


FIB 03

Zeiss Crossbeam

FIB SEM for high resolution analysis and sample preparation for TEM and single crystal X-ray

The field emission source and Gemini column in this instrument result in a very high resolution capability. Added functionality of the gallium ion gun allows for advanced TEM sample preparation as well as 3D imaging and compositional analysis.

  • High Vacuum and variable pressure
  • 3D EBSD mapping
  • TEM sample preparation

The SEMs at ETC are equipped with a selection of analytical techniques for material composition and phase detection. These include energy-dispersive x-ray analysis (EDX), back-scattered electron detection (BSE) and electron back-scattered diffraction (EBSD). The Zeiss Supra is also equipped with a cold stage allowing examination of moist materials. This combination of features enables optimum performance for a range of sample types.

Sup 01

Zeiss Supra 35VP

FEG-SEM capable of high resolution imaging, EDX analysis and EBSD mapping

LEO op

LEO 1455VP

A large chamber and Tungsten filament allows for a wide range of samples