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Mooring systems are critical for the success of all offshore floating renewable energy devices, which are constantly pushed to their extreme limits in their high energy environments. Importantly the use of moorings enhances deployability, enabling deeper waters, closer to shore to be utilised with lower cost.

In the past 10 years there has been significant research focused on ropes resulting in the production of lighter and stronger products. As a consequence weaknesses in the systems now occur in the rope in-line and end connectors with critical areas causing chaffing of the rope, resulting in its premature failure.

The objective of this study is to design a new multi-material hybrid connector which will be:

  • lighter
  • easier to assemble
  • enhance the lifespan of the mooring system

The innovation arises from the use of the next generation of nylon/Al composite materials which when combined, exhibit higher strength, high corrosion resistance, low coefficient of friction, and are lightweight.

For offshore renewables energy devices this will result in increased deployability, increased reliability and longer in-service times. This will yield an increase in energy output and improvement in safety.




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