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Miss Habiba Lais

Miss Habiba Lais
PhD Student
Monday - Friday from 08.30 to 16.30
+44 (0)1223 890375
Building 2, 1st floor, TWI


Qualifications: BEng, PhD candidate

Miss Habiba Lais started at Brunel University London in 2011, where she pursued Engineering with an Integrated Foundation Year and progressed onto Aerospace Engineering. In 2014/15, Habiba completed an industrial year at the Brunel Innovation Centre as a Project Technical Assistant. During her time at BIC, she worked on Fouling Removal projects using High Power Ultrasonic Transducers.

In 2016, Habiba received a First Class with Honours in Aerospace Engineering BEng with Professional Development. Upon graduating, she returned to BIC as an NSIRC PhD Student (accredited by the Brunel University London) to continue research in Fouling Removal whilst assisting on related cleaning projects.

Her research features a wide scope of disciplines such as bubble dynamics, chemistry, electronics, signal processing, vibration analysis, simulations etc.