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Automated 100 per cent production quality assurance of net shape manufactured     components     using   in-line    micron      resolution x-ray stereographic imaging

One of the longest established and most widely used non-destructive techniques for volumetric examination of components is radiography; a technique which uses X-rays or gamma-rays to produce an image or series of images that shows differences in thickness, density, material and defects. Radiography enables the end user to inspect parts in a non-destructive manner with little operator input.

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This project use stereo-radiography, which combines two separate radiographs taken from different angles in to one image to give a three-dimensional effect. This allows defects to be identified, and their location within the part to be calculated.


Detection of any defects and cracks will enable corrective action to be taken prior to the parts being sent to the customer, so as not to affect their strength and functionality. Detection of any trapped powder inside the parts, enabling its removal prior to despatch. This will be of particular benefit to the medical market, as the removal of the powder from implants is imperative to ensure their safety for the recipient patient.

 Project Partners

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The AssureNET project is funded by the Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain (AMSCI) reference number (36409-233576)

For more information, please visit the AssureNET website.