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Ultrasonic cleaning of valves in the mining and chemical process industries.

Valves have a large range of applications, both domestically and within industry, eg mining. Over time, a layer of fouling can form inside pipelines. A common example of this fouling is calcite, a hard crystallisation fouling associated with hard water.This fouling can build up to an extent that pipes and valves can stop working. This can stop production and increase the operational risk. At this point, the valve is rendered unserviceable and needs to be cleaned or replaced. 


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The CLEANMINE project proposes an effective non-invasive solution, based on an ultrasonic approach, for improving the maintenance of valves in the mining industry and chemical process industries.




The solution consists of deploying ultrasonic waves travelling through valves in pipelines for:

  • prevention and/or removal of fouling accumulations
  • reduction of the operational risk reduction of the cost of maintenance.


Project Partners

CleanMine Project Partners


This project was co-funded by theUK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK.

For more information, please visit the CleanMine Website.                                                        InnovateUK