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Prevention and detection of fouling on ship hulls

The marine industry spends $6 billion (USD) worldwide in the prevention or removal of marine fouling, $8 billion on extra fuel and produces 70 million tons of additional CO2.Clearly existing methods of fouling prevention and removal are in urgent need of improvement.





The CLEANSHIP project proposes a novel, harmless and cost effective solution for fouling prevention without the need for taking a ship out of service. The solution is the deployment of long range ultrasonic plate waves travelling throughout an entire ship hull below the water line in order to:

  • prevent or slow down the accumulation of fouling.
  • achieve a continuous monitoring to allow earlier and cheaper removal.


The CLEANSHIP project will benefit the SMEs which makeup 95% of Europe’s waterborne transport business. The project will also impact the businesses of large shipping companies. Additional impact will be felt as the products resulting from the project penetrate the global shipping industry and help Europe maintain its position as a world leader in innovative technological developments for the marine industry.



Project Partners

CeanShip Partners


This project has received funding from the EuropeanUnion’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 312706.

For more information, please visit the CleanShip website.                                                                       7 framework