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Skills in the wind energy sector

SkillWind will promote an innovative development of training in the wind energy sector through a serious game. This will concentrate on the most critical elements, taking into consideration the complexity of the activities with emphasis on maintenance and health and safety. Current skills established for the wind energy sector in Spain refer only to operational training in the installation and operation of the wind farms; however, there are no standardised training programmes at European level. Training at this level would facilitate the qualification of professionals and mobility of staff between counties.





The purpose of this project is to develop a training programme along with a serious game which will allow improvements to the professionalism of the sector. It will aim to standardise at European level the operational skills needed to qualify suitably for the wind energy sector’s staff focused on installation and exploitation of wind farms.



It will promote the professional development of staff and the competitiveness of the wind energy sector. Enhancing digital integration in training will also improve the demands of the current market.


Project Partners

SkillWind partners


This project was co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.        download

For more information, please visit the SkillWind website