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Ultrasonic detection and removal of fouling inside industrial and domestic pipes

The SMEs in this project have identified an important business opportunity in the serious economic need for the safe removal of harmful fouling from the inside of industrial plant used in the manufacture of products intended for direct human consumption (ie food, drink and pharmaceuticals). Fouling, which is the presence of unintended and unwanted deposits on the inside walls of industrial plant, shortens plant life and increases the need for periodic cleaning and pipe replacement. It also causes contamination of the end products, which is especially serious when the fouling involves bacterial biofilms and the products (eg food, drink and pharmaceuticals) are intended for direct human consumption. 







The UltraCleanPipe Project is addressing the problem of fouling in industrial pipes by developing ultrasonic methods to remove build-up. Ultrasound has been used for cleaning for many years, but only in immersion tanks. UltraCleanPipe aims to clean components while still in service, removing the need for acids and other chemicals while reducing the downtime associated with cleaning cycles.


The UltraCleanPipe project will improve the competitiveness of the consortium of SMEs because of its great benefits in the immediate instance to companies involved in food processing, pharmaceutical production and industrial plumbing installation and maintenance. EU enterprises related to the fouling market can benefit through the licensing of the manufacture of the UltraCleanPipe system and associated products or as purchasers of the system and subsequent providers of associated fouling detection and removal services.



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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 262327. 

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