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ETC for Businesses

ETC already has a long and successful track record providing materials analysis services to industries as diverse as buildings, pharmaceutical and automotive, working with organisations from SMEs to multinationals. We are UKAS accredited for many techniques giving an increased level of assurance that the service provided will meet your requirements every time. 

When it comes to material analysis/testing we can supply a bespoke service including designing test protocols, carrying out the analysis work, interpreting the results and producing a formal report, according to the needs of the client. We can also provide access to our equipment to generate data for your own analysis if needs be. 

Typical examples of our clients’ needs might be

  • Evaluating filters for the presence of asbestos or general asbestos testing 
  • Identifying an unknown contaminant present in a bulk or in a microscopic sample
  • Analysis of coatings or investigating the nature of a component failure
  • General materials testing and processing 


  • Rapid turnaround with fast-track options for urgent requests
  • A wide range of instruments and expert staff who can accommodate most sample materials
  • Accreditation for our analytical techniques to give you further confidence in our results
  • Being based a few minutes from Uxbridge station means it is easy to meet with us or alternatively we offer parking on site. 

The equipment available at the ETC enables you to select the technique most appropriate for your measurement or analysis need. Our highly qualified and experienced staff are on hand to advise before, during and after the work is carried out. While we are happy to carry out one-off jobs, if your needs are more complex or long-term we can also work with you to access external funding for collaborative projects. We have a dedicated research support and development office  at Brunel who can help you access funding for a complex project with the ETC. 


Costs are dependent on the work required, for example on how much sample preparation is needed before measurements can be made, the time required, the number of samples involved and whether processing of the results is necessary. For a single test on a straightforward sample the cost can be less than £100. We offer a quotation for the testing you need before the work is started.

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