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Research Life

Research Life is an early career researcher-led initiative that aims to provide web-based collegial discussion between early career researchers and more established, experienced researchers. Using a Podcast format, we conduct oral interviews on different aspects of academic research, ranging from the birth of ideas to the delivery of original work, and the development of a research career.

Through the sharing of research experiences and topics, our goal is to encourage academic interaction and collaboration as well as to help researchers reflect on career development opportunities and different career pathways. We invite your participation and feedback and hope to encourage and promote new and lasting collaborations within Brunel University and in the wider research community.

Current discussion forums

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Public Engagement Interview with Michael Parker

News item How do we successfully engage with the general public? What are the skills and the opportunities we have to do so? Michael Parker, editor of The Conversation, will talk us through public engagement and the use of digital media.

Watch the full version here

Gender dynamics: the tools. Interview with Dr Alessandra Devoto

News item Today we discuss gender dynamics in the higher education sector.

Metrics: How can we use them. Interview with Dr Rosa Scoble

News item In our last two podcast we investigated what are the metrics and how can we evaluate our impact through them. It is now time to understand how can we best use them. Metrics are not just for the REF or for the University ranking, we can use them effectively to engage with our peers and the community. Have a look at the video and tell us what you think!

Metrics: Research Impact

News item We continue our series on Metrics sharing with you some interesting ideas on how to understand your research impact through the evaluation of metrics!

Metrics: knowing the basics. Interview with Dr Scoble

News item Advances in technology and the increased need for researchers to demonstrate the impact of their research, has made more essential for researchers to show their research performance using metrics. 

2015's podcasts

Tips on Academic Career: Interview with Marcos Martinon Torres

News item      

Very often hearing successful career journeys help us getting new ideas on how to progress in our career. Today we have Prof Marcos Martinon Torres, from the University College London      

Leading in Research. Interview with Dr Denney

News item      

Becoming a research leader - Becoming leaders in their academic/research fields is an ultimate objective of many academics. Achieving this goal however could be quite challenging and requires guidance on the strategies to adopt and how to implement them efficiently.      

Transferable skills: interview with Dr Hone

News item       Transferable skills for researchers  What skills do researchers need to do these effectively?  Transferable skills! What are they? How can they be developed? To get answers to these question and many more, we have Dr Kate Hone the Director of Brunel Graduate School.      

Grant application process: Tips for Success. Interview with Dr Makatsoris

News item      

Do you want to apply for a grant for your research? Listen to the tips for success from Dr Makatsoris, successful researcher at Brunel

Further tips on the grant application process. Interview with Dr Harris Makatsoris

News item       Another interview with Dr Makatsoris expanding on early career researcher's best strategy to apply for funding.      

Grant applications: Advice from the expert. Interview with Dr Harris Makatsoris

       There has been a demand about "what next?", i.e. how do you translate these ideas into winnable grants. This issue could be addressed from a number of point of views. One of which is the perspective of grants recipient. We have Dr Makatsoris


The birth of Ideas: the Arts and Humanities Perspective



Birth of Ideas: Natural Science Perspective. Interview with Prof Sumpter


Professor Jon Sumpter is the founder and current head of the Ecotoxicology research group at Brunel University. His team is a fine example of research excellence.       

The journey so far. Interview with Prof Geoff Rodgers


Professor Rodgers was appointed to Brunel University in 1989 as a lecturer in Physics, becoming a Reader in Mathematical Physics in 2001 and Professor of Theoretical Physics in 2003. In 2004 he joined the Brunel Graduate School and was appointed Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research in 2008. In 2013 he was appointed as Vice-Principal (Research).



The organizers would like to acknowledge the important contribution of the Graduate School, particularly Dr Tina Ramkalawan, and Dr Remco van Heuvel formerly of BIAS.