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3D Software Mapping For Osteoarthritis Pain Self-Management


Project description

3D Software Mapping For Osteoarthritis Pain Self-Management in Older Population

The research will enable greater application of computing technologies to self-health management for older people. We aim to implement a 3D software tool according to the needs of the Osteoarthritis (OA) community –for personal use. The 3D tool has several advantages: it is non-verbal, and therefore available to patients for whom English or Turkish is not a first language or who have difficulty explaining pain, and it can enhance the understanding of the link between pain drawings and objective diagnostics and tests, thereby clarifying the drawings’ utility and methodological applications. Moreover, exercise, daily activities, and medication can all affect the mobility and independence of osteoarthritis sufferers and therefore a tool prompting consideration of the relationship between lifestyle factors and daily experiences of pain is useful.