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Britain in Europe


Project description

Britain in Europe (BiE) is a think tank for criminal justice and human rights.

The think tank is the brainchild of Dr Dimitrios Giananopoulos, a College Associate Dean and Senior Lecturer in Law at Brunel University London. Its members come from across Britain and Europe.

Giananopoulos’ expertise lies in issues of human rights and criminal evidence, as well as ongoing legal and political affairs. His thought has been widely represented in the British, French and Greek media. BiE’s academics, human rights non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and legal practitioners produce research that evaluates British’s relationship with the EU’s institutions, and the EU as a whole. 

This original work goes on to influence public policy, speaking to its quality. For example, in 2017, Giananopoulos authored a brief on ‘EU citizens’ rights and the European Convention on Human Rights’. The brief was featured in a report submitted to the joint hearing of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs and the Committee on Petitions. This was a European Parliament hearing on ‘The Situation and Rights of EU citizens in the UK.’ The report submitted was on ‘A Case for Unilateral Guarantees’.

The think tank also houses its Greek-British Initiative (GBI) platform, another example of its desire to influence public policy through original research. The GBI’s founding was rooted in the desire to protect the right of EU citizens in the UK, and the government’s ongoing refusal to recognise them.

The GBI aims to create a gateway to a network that will represent the rights of British citizens, including Greek ones, in the UK and Greece. The platform aims to analyse the relationship between Britain and Greece post-Brexit. This is an intended case study for post-Brexit relations between Britain and other European countries.

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