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British International Lawyers and the Rise and Fall of the Second Spanish Republic (1931-1939)


Project description

The study of the works of British international lawyers in the 30s, including those of Arnold McNair and Hersch Lauterpacht, allowed Dr Ignacio de la Rasilla to examine the influence their international legal doctrines had in shaping the British official neutrality regarding the Spanish Civil War.

The legal internationalism and pacifism of the 1931 Spanish Constitution, which was fully aligned to the principles of the League of Nations, was the first of many victims of several decades of intellectual involution to anti-liberal, nationalist and ultra-catholic references in Spanish international legal thought, after Franco's coup d'état against the Spanish Republic in 1936.

Related publications

de la Rasilla, I., (2016) "In the General Interest of Peace? British International Lawyers and the Spanish Civil War", Journal of the History of International Law, Volume 18, pp. 197-238

da la Rasilla, I., (2017) In the Shadow of Vitoria - A History of International Law in Spain (1770-1953), Brill/Martinus Nijhoff