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Cloud-based Simulation platform for Manufacturing and Engineering (CloudSME)


Project description

Simulation is a decision support technique used in manufacturing and engineering. Simulation experimentation needs to run a model hundreds or thousands of times and can take a very long time. Cloud computing has the potential for low cost high performance computing that can be used to speed up experimentation.  Developing cloud-based software can be expensive for Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

The challenge of CloudSME was to produce a platform that could significantly reduce the cost of cloud-based software development.  The project developed the CloudSME Simulation Platform that has been used by over 30 European SMEs to produce new high performance cloud-based simulation software.  The spinoff company CloudSME UG carries on the work supported by Professor Taylor and Dr Anagnostou.


  • Professor Tamas Kiss (University of Westminster, Project Lead)
  • MTA STZAKI (Hungary)
  • Scaletools AG (Switzerland)
  • Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain)
  • CloudBroker GmbH (Switzerland) and over 20 simulation and cloud European SMEs.

Impact video by Hobsons Brewery and Company Limited


Impact video by Podoactiva SL



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