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Innovative wrist device for high accuracy non-invasive blood glucose monitoring


Project description

Diabetes mellitus (diabetes) is a global epidemic. In 2014 there were 387 million people (8.3% of the world's population) living with diabetes; by 2035 this will have increased by 53% to 592 million. In 2017, 4.9 million people died globally from diabetes or related conditions according to World Health Organisation (WHO). The global health care expenditure on diabetes related illness reached a staggering USD$727billion in 2017 , approximately 11% of the total spending on adults.

A major challenge in the successful management of diabetes is the accurate self-monitoring of blood-glucose (SMBG). Unfortunately, the invasive nature (finger prick test) and cost of best-in-class current glucose monitoring solutions means SMBG remains low. Semi invasive solutions are available, but these are also costly and still require combination with daily blood testing using finger prick method. 


DIABET will address the need for a non-invasive continuous monitoring solution and enable better self-management of diabetes and will develop an innovative digital wrist device for high accuracy non-invasive blood glucose monitoring. The project aims to "address a major healthcare challenge": the treatment of diabetes and its comorbidities. This non-clinical solution will support people with diabetes to "improve their health and wellbeing" through better glycaemic control, which is directly linked to "diabetes risk and incidence reduction" for both severe acute and severe long-term complications of the disease (stroke, heart disease, amputations, retinopathy, depression etc.). 


DIABET will empower individuals to better manage their condition by providing them with a discreet, pain-free and easy way to continuously SMBG. Having the required tools to fully take charge of their diabetes will have a profound positive change on those people and how they currently present to clinical settings. 

Project Partners

  • Medical Wireless Sensing Ltd
  • Virtual Clinic Direct Ltd
  • The  Imagination Factory Ltd
  • Brunel University London