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Design and Development of International Electricity Highway Systems


Project description

To achieve a global optimal result for a union of regions, countries or continents, Electricity Highway System (EHSs) is to be developed, to overcome the limitation of transmission system, and to enhance the market competition.

Design of EHSs is assurance of the adequacy of reactive power, which is crucial to the voltage stability. The impact reactive power adequacy may affect the economic viability of EHS in a competitive market: global-wide market participants in different regions compete to each other, while at the same time, they also need to provide voltage support for the competitions from the rivals in remote areas with their own localized reactive power sources.

The research has focussed on the issues of reactive power adequacy and voltage stability in large-scale regional or international interconnections, taking into consideration UH/HVDC and UH/HVAC electricity highway links.

The results will be documented in IEEE/IET journal and international conference papers.

Project Duration

1st April 2014 to 30th September 2016