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Developing a UV ballast water treatment system with real-time monitoring


Project description

UV-Mon - An integrated and modular bio-monitoring ballast water treatment system based on advanced UV plasma technology delivering maximum performance and lowest system lifetime cost  

Summary:  Ballast Water poses a significant threat to the environment since it contains invasive species which are discharged to sea. The cost for controlling invasive species is very high (€9.6 - €12.7 billion). Prevention is better, hence the IMO introduced standards in 2004 (due to come into force). The Convention requires ships to have Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) system installed by 2016.  Therefore there is an opportunity for companies to develop ballast water treatment technologies in readiness for the new standards.

Description:  The UV-Mon project will aim to develop an integrated and modular BWT system that intelligently combines a novel electromagnetic wave generated UV plasma treatment system with information from a bio-monitoring system (micro-organisms concentration level and water quality/turbidity indicator) in order to optimise the UV dosage required at filling/discharge to completely eliminate the viable micro-organisms.

Impact Statement:  Shipping accounts for 80% of world trade with approx. 85,000 vessels worldwide and 3-5 Billion tonnes of water transported as ballast annually.  The IMO already recommends that all new builds either implement BWT or make provisions for future installation.  Failure to do so could mean that ships without suitable BWT may not be permitted to enter certain ports.