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Developing a goal orientated assessment & outcome measure for children's wheelchair basketball


Project description

The research team has partnered with British Wheelchair Basketball and Hillingdon Child Development Centre’s Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy team at Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust to pilot a new tool for use as an assessment and outcome measure in children’s wheelchair basketball. The tool will serve as a baseline and outcome measure while guiding progression of individual children in sport specific skills.  A comprehensive task analysis of wheelchair basketball will be completed and the project will be based in the children’s wheelchair basketball club (6-16 years) at Brunel.This project aims to develop and pilot a new tool for use in disability sport that can serve as an assessment and outcome measure but also a guide for progressing individual children in sport specific skills. To do so the project will include the following objectives:


  1. To complete a thorough and holistic task analysis of wheelchair basketball to identify key skills that children need to engage with when participating in the sport 
  2. To identify clear steps for progression (on a numeric scale) within the sport specific skills to allow for an objective assessment and outcome measure
  3. To assess the clinical utility of the new tool using guidance from Smart including;

a. Functionality (Does it work?)b. Practicality (Is it suitable to the environment/club?)c. Acceptability (Is it acceptable to the children, therapists and coaches?)