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Development of low temperature partially premixed compression ignition combustion engine technologies for commercial vehicles


Project description

Low Temperature Pressure TechnologyA joint Brunel-Yuchai research centre was set up in 2009 to carry out collaborative research on advanced diesel engine combustion process and air hybrid engine technologies. Yuchai is the largest diesel manufacturer with an annual production of over 500,000 diesel engines. A single cylinder 2.0litre heavy duty (HD) diesel engine has been developed by Yuchai and commissioned at Brunel University London. Research is being carried out on the combustion system optimisation for lower emissions and higher efficiency by means of the most advanced high pressure common rail fuel injection system. In addition, by means of a variable valve actuation system installed on the intake valves, the effective compression ratio can be altered to study the Miller cycle operations. Furthermore, the engine is used to study diesel-gas and diesel-ethanol dual fuel combustion by the installation of port fuel injection systems for compressed natural gas and ethanol.