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Development of the functional surface u-texturing module with application to micromilling


Project description

Development of the functional surface u-texturing module with application to micromilling: design, analysis, performance testing and applications
This is a project of 5-year duration, which aims to develop a smart surface m-texturing module and its associated key enabling technologies component technologies. It can be integrated with existing and next generation precision milling machines so as to render m-textured functional surfaces on machined components and products in a high throughput manner. The project will be undertaken in two phases with 5 distinctive but well integrated tasks as follows:

- Phases I (June 2011-December 2013):

Task 1: Design and modeling of m-textured functional surfaces against industrial application requirements as specified.

Task 2: Development of simulations and the prototype m-texturing module for micromilling m-textured functional surfaces.

Task 3: Evaluation of the prototype m-texturing module on UltraMill – micro milling machine and undertaking preliminary machining trials for m-textured functional surfaces on some selected applications.

- Phases II (January 2015- May 2016):

Task 4: Validation of the m-texturing module and modular design for its integration with industrial machine tools.

Task 5: Evaluation and testing of m-textured components with focus on their functional performance and improvement, with feedback to surface design and m-texturing process optimization.

Duration: 60 months