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Dissecting Body Representations: A Multi-dimensional Approach


Project description

Bodies convey information about other’s intentions from their postures, gaits, actions. Our bodies also feel, touch or reach for objects and people, make gestures, as well as perform goal directed behaviour. Therefore, investigating body perception is at the cross road of studying sensorimotor, vision, and social cognition.

Processing of complex stimuli like faces and bodies in a complex scene rely on two cortical pathways: the dorsal (where/how) and the ventral (what) pathways. Our investigations concern: 1)What specific information is represented in the ventral and dorsal pathways? 2) How are these representations modified by learning and plasticity through training? 3) What is the impact of loss of input (such as major limb amputation or injuries) on the sensorimotor cortex? We use psychophysics methods, fMRI, and virtual reality environment to investigate these challenging questions.