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Flow boiling and condensation of mixtures in microscale


Project description

The project brings together research teams from Brunel University London ( BU), University of Edinburgh (UoE) and Queen Mary University of London ( QMUL) and aims to address an urgent need for developing new thermal devices using novel fluids for high heat flux thermal management technologies.

The team will explore new mixtures named ‘‘self-rewetting fluids’’ and their potential in enhancing boiling and condensation heat transfer, hence offering an environmentally friendly substitute for conventional refrigerants and contributing to reducing equipment size further.  We aim to obtain a fundamental understanding of the thermophysical behaviour of the mixtures in boiling and condensation process and hence to explore their potential in achieving ultra-high heat fluxes in microscale devices. An optimised in terms of concentration and surface finish, operational prototype of boiling and condensation thermal management system will be designed, fabricated and tested. The proposed work is in collaboration with Thermacore, Oxford Nanosystems (ONS), Super Radiator Coils ( SRC) and Rainford Precision (RP), which will help the timely transfer of our research findings to industrial implementations.