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ICT&ART Connect: Connecting ICT & Art Communities


Project description

ICT&Art Connect is devoted to connecting the European ICT and Art communities to foster productive dialogues, engagement and collaborative work between them. The core objectives of the initiative are to identify new research avenues, associated challenges, and the impacts of ICT and Art collaboration on technology, art, science, education and society in general. Already there are a large number of organisations and individuals in Europe and worldwide, attempting to bring two cultures of Art and ICT together to create something new. Recent initiatives and studies across various EU countries have also signalled that Art & ICT collaboration is moving up the agenda of future research and innovation. It is clearly a time to join fragmented efforts on European scale. This FET-Art project with its brand ICT&Art Connect, intends to overcome the fragmentation in efforts by bringing together the two communities to create critical mass of professionals interested in connecting Art and ICT, to take it to the next level. This requires both understanding of current trends, current activities and hubs that bring together art and ICT across Europe,  as well as practical steps to bring artists and ICT professionals together to create new collaborative initiatives.

The communication gap between arts and science/ ICT has been already widely discussed and it affects potential practical directions of this collaboration. This project will focus mostly on the matchmaking aspect of  ICT and Art collaboration, but will also focus on consultations with stakeholders on the collaboration process, bringing a number of pairings together – as case studies – to develop a more deeply satisfying process that could lead to even more rich and inventive outcomes.