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Joint research on advanced diesel engine combustion and regenerative high efficiency diesel engine


Project description

Engine Braking DeviceA joint Brunel-Yuchai research centre was set up in 2009 to carry out collaborative research on advanced diesel engine combustion process and air hybrid engine technologies. Yuchai are the largest diesel manufacturer with an annual production of over 500,000 diesel engines and they have the largest market share of diesel engines for buses in China. At Brunel, a novel air hybrid engine concept was proposed and patented internationally. The hybrid engine technology enables the kinetic energy to be recovered during a vehicle’s breaking by operating the engine as a compressor. The compressed air can then be collected in a standard air tank and used to achieve engine stop-start operation, provide instant boost to the engine during acceleration and to operate the pneumatic system and brakes on buses and commercial vehicles. A commercial licence agreement was arrange between Brunel and Yuchai to implement this technology in buses in China. Initial bus trail by Yuchai, demonstrated a fuel saving of 5-10%, equivalent to a fuel saving of £1500 for a city bus per year.