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Knowing our Rights


Project description

Knowing our Rights is a think tank project by Dr Dimitrios Giananopoulos, its core investigator, a College Associate Dean and Senior Lecturer in Law at Brunel University London. Giananopoulos’ Britain in Europe (BiE) think tank focuses on criminal justice and human rights of British citizens, including Greek ones. The think tank was given funding for the Knowing Our Rights project by the Open Society Initiative for Europe.

The aim of the project is make the European Convention of Human Rights is more widely known in the UK. The project is concerned with giving the British public a view of these rights that is balanced and based upon original research. This view concerns itself with issues from how the court operates to the consequences of introducing a UK Bill of Rights.

Issues such as these will be explored in the post-Brexit context, particularly how Brexit threatens these rights and protections more and more.

Beginning in February but launched in March, law lecturers at Brunel University London are running ‘Knowing our Rights’ workshops for hundreds of young people in London, Cambridge and Harrow. The workshops aim to empower the younger generation and give them methods to know, engage with and fight to protect their rights.

The workshops utilises media such as videos, reading materials, debates and film festivals.The project continues to expand, with the reading materials for schools being left available online.

Find out more about Knowing our Rights here.