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Knowing our Rights

This project is no longer continuing as the Principal Investigator has now transferred to another institution. To view other research projects please browse our Research Showcase.

Project description

The ‘Knowing our Rights’ research project aims to provide analysis, and to deepen and increase understanding, of the application of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) in the UK, based on academic scholarship and engagement with the public, young people in particular.

The project is concerned to ensure that the public in the UK obtains a balanced, research-based view of rights in the European Convention, as applied in the UK through the Human Rights Act 1998.

The project also aims to raise public awareness of how the European Court of Human Rights operates, how its case law is accommodated in the UK, and the consequences for our human rights that would derive from the UK potentially withdrawing from the Convention or watering down relevant rights.

The project explores these critical issues in the context of post-Brexit withdrawal from the human rights protections contained in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, and of the ECHR protections incorporated in EU law as well as in the context of continuous uncertainty about the potential to replace the Human Rights Act with a UK Bill of Rights.

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