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Maintenance models for zero-unexpected-breakdowns


Project description

Strategies and predictive maintenance models wrapped around physical systems for zero-unexpected-breakdowns and increased operating life of factories (Z-BRE4K)

Maintenance in general, and predictive maintenance strategies in particular, face significant challenges with the evolution of the equipment, instrumentation and manufacturing processes they support. Preventive maintenance strategies, designed for traditional highly repetitive and stable mass production processes based on predefined components and machine behaviour models, are no longer valid and more predictive-prescriptive maintenance strategies are needed. 

Z-Bre4k impact to the European manufacturing industry and the society can be summarised in the following: (i) increase of the in-service efficiency by 24%, (ii) reduced accidents, (iii) increased verification of objectives, (iv) 400 new jobs created and (v) over €42M ROI for the consortium.

To do that we have brought together a total of seventeen EU-based partners, representing both industry and academia, with ample experience in cutting-edge technologies and active presence in the EU manufacturing.