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Material behaviour


Project description

The accuracy of the material physics model used in any analysis is critical to the overall applicability and accuracy of any analysis. Ongoing research targets the development and implementation of thermodynamically consistent constitutive models to cover:

  • Large deformation of orthotropic materials (metallic and non-metallic).
  • Large strain, high strain-rate.
  • Initiation, formation and growth of damage.
  • Anisotropic volumetric response (coupling with Equation of State)
  • Consistency of constitutive model with numerical method (important for damage and failure)
  • Experimental characterisation to determine relevant material properties

Previous work has developed a physically based material model for metals, with elastic, plastic and damage orthotropy.


Current research, funded by the Horizon 2020 EXTREME project, is investigating novel material characterization methods and in-situ measurement techniques, material models and simulation methods for the aerospace composite structures under extreme dynamic loading.