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Miniaturised solar concentrators for water desalination/purification


Project description

A UK-India project led by Dr Singh aimed at developing a novel compact solar thermal concentrator run MED system for water desalination. The solar concentrator will have annual photo-thermal efficiency of >50% whilst requiring half of the installed area. The developed solar optical concentrator including the glass receiver and nano heat transfer fluid is currently being tested at NIT Trichy, the Indian partner.

Fuelled by the population growth and high economic development rates India and the UK both have a large demand for low temperature heat for desalination, water purification and industrial (for example food, chemical industry) and commercial processes. India’s conventional sources of energy are already overstretched, in which case it must look for locally available alternative sources of energy to meet the heat and power demand of its population through cost effective greener sources. The work will benefit UK (or UK‐based) and India (or India based) companies, such as BHEL, as well as academic beneficiaries and collaborators. India produces ~25 million tons of sugar per year making availability of Myo-inositol, a derivative of sugar industry. This project creates an opportunity to use this locally available heat storage material for meeting energy demand. New industrial investment opportunities in the solar thermal concentrators, desalination and nHTF will be created leading to significant economic benefits and employment.