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Motion pictures and human brands


Project description

Using a market equilibrium framework we investigated the matching of creative cultural projects, such as movies, and creative talents, over a period of time from 1990 to 2010 with data from the movie industry in the United States.

Our investigations looked at if, and to what extent, the film industry exhibited the winner-takes-it-all dynamics. The project also examined the effects of the various dimensions of human brands.

Our findings helped  identified the various dimentions of creative talents as human brands. Their social dimensions, such as social embeddedness and past collaborations, besides non-social dimensions, such as past performance and expertise, play an important role in matching them with big-budget creative projects. We have also explored the incentives of the movie producers to look for talents that match their specific goals, such as financially defined success at the box-office and/or artistically defined success at the awards or with critics.