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Photographing Everyday Life: Ageing, Lived Experiences, Time and Space


Project description

The focus of this project was to explore the significance of the ordinary and day-to-day and focus on the everyday meanings, lived experiences, practical activities, and social contexts in which people in mid to later life live their daily lives. The project focused upon the very ordinariness, the habitual, the mundanity of daily living. The research involved a diverse sample of 62 women and men aged 50 years and over who took photographs of their different daily routines to create a weekly visual diary. This diary was then explored through in-depth photo-elicitation interviews to make visible the rhythms, patterns and meanings that underlie habitual and routinised everyday worlds. The data was analysed using the software Atlas Ti. Five interconnected but distinct themes that emerged: 

  1. Time and Routines;
  2. Public and Private Space;
  3. Health, Risk and the Body;
  4. Connectivities and Relationships;
  5. Work, Volunteering and Leisure.

The research elicited insights into the daily lives of people from their own perspectives and allowed the participants to reflect on their own routines, use of space, interactions with family and friends, and meanings associated with their daily activities.