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The migration of social workers to and from the UK

This is a large project exploring the drivers of social workers for immigrating to and from the UK and their experiences of doing so. The project involves seven MA Social Work students, each studying social workers’ immigration to the UK from one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, India, Romania, South Africa, the US and Zimbabwe. Another student is researching the immigration in the other direction: UK trained social workers immigrating to Australia.

The project explores the push and pull factors driving social workers to immigrate as well as their experiences of immigrating and integrating into new national and professional cultures. We are exploring the challenges social workers experience during their migration and the ways in which they are responding to them; How does the cultural model they have internalised in their home country – including a unique professional culture – impact on their integration in the country they have immigrated to? How do these factors impact their career progression and wellbeing?

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Project last modified 15/07/2021