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Microelectronics supply chain provenance

US Air Force (AFWERX) Microelectronics Supply Chain Provenance Challenge 

The team is the Champion of the US Air Force (AFWERX) Microelectronics Supply Chain Provenance Challenge.

The aim of the project was to develop the technology that will allow using low-cost hardware and a minimum of human resources, generate Bill Of Materials (BOM) for microelectronic boards in a timely manner and generate the provenance solution using defined BOM. T

The key features of the technology developed include:

  1. Generation of the static information about the board and components (BOM)
  2. Identification of the operational information about the microelectronic boards
  3. Identification of board tempering at component and operational levels

The unique features for the solution of this problem include:

  1. The efficient use of 3D printer-based rig to generate microscopic level optical images of the circuit board
  2. Generation of 3D model of the circuit board
  3. Efficient OCR system for text recognition printed on the microelectronic board
  4. Identification of Tampering Detection Threshold Using Capsule Neural Networks
  5. Virtual Sensor Network (VSN) developed to model unknown analogue and digital I/O relationships within operational boundaries.
  6. X-ray image analysis

The developed technology will allow to generate board BOM and identify the tampering level at component-based and functional levels.

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Project last modified 20/07/2021