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Phasor Instream Data Processing study project


Project description

In this study project different Phasor IDP architectures will be designed and developed to meet the needs of all SSEN and industry stakeholders, including but not limited to:

  • Real-time phasor applications within SSE Networks (i.e. protection, control systems).
  • Real-time and Near-time situational awareness (access to data in control centres).
  • Convenient access to historical phasor data and other data types, including waveform data and oscillography.
  • Data transport using existing networks, including the OPTEL network.
  • Secure interfaces between networks.
  • Data exchange with third parties, including NGESO and NGET.

Meet the Principal Investigator(s) for the project

Professor Gareth Taylor - Prof Gary Taylor - Professor of Power Systems Module Leader - MSc Sustainable Electrical Power Director of BIPS - Brunel Institute of Power Systems Gary joined Brunel in May 2000 from the University of Greenwich in London. He was a National Grid Post-doctoral Scholar from 2000-2003 and joined Electronic and Computer Engineering, School of Engineering and Design as a lecturer in June 2003. He established the new MSc Sustainable Electrical Power as the course director in September 2006. He has been a research active member of the Brunel University Research Centre BIPS since May 2000.