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Health and well-being of adults with cerebral palsy


Project description

Cerebral Palsy is known as a childhood condition, effecting movement, and other daily activities. Steady birth rates of children with cerebral palsy and near normal life expectancy means that there are now more adults than children with cerebral palsy. Although cerebral palsy is often perceived as an unchanging condition, adults with cerebral palsy commonly experience new problems in adulthood, such as pain and falls. Concerns have been raised about the lack of specialist healthcare services for adults with cerebral palsy. 

There is growing evidence around the secondary conditions that are associated with cerebral palsy, and there is still a lot to be learned about the extent and complexity of these problems and the shortfalls in specialist healthcare services. 

RADiCAL is a multidisciplinary group of researchers who are conducting research into the health and wellbeing of adults with cerebral palsy. RADiCAL aims to conduct research that is relevant to people with cerebral palsy and will positively influence healthcare services for adults with cerebral palsy. We are working with adults with cerebral palsy, particularly through collaboration with the Adult Cerebral Palsy Hub. The Adult Cerebral Palsy Hub is a charity that aims to give a much-needed voice to adults living with cerebral palsy and to support adults with cerebral palsy to remain active members of society, despite their condition and changing needs.

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RADiCAL will disseminate the results of their research widely, and work with a broad range of relevant stakeholders including adults with cerebral palsy, healthcare professionals and policy makers, to act on the findings and design improved healthcare services.

Examples of previous and ongoing work completed by the group include:

  • Examination of the development of chronic physical and mental health conditions among adults with cerebral palsy. This work was supported by Brunel University London’s Catalyst Fund.
  • An international survey across the UK and Ireland to understand the health issues that adults with cerebral palsy face and to determine how well their perceived healthcare needs are met. This study is ongoing. If you would like to participate in this survey please contact Gemma Cook at gemmaconniecook@gmail.com
  • A study to understand the strengths and limitations of physiotherapy services in the UK and to offer patient-informed insights to physiotherapists, healthcare organisations and policy makers to shape future service development. This study is being supported by an award from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Charitable Trust’s Physiotherapy Foundation Award Scheme. This study is ongoing. If you would like to participate in this survey please contact Gemma Cook at  gemmaconniecook@gmail.com 

Reports and summaries