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Research in consciousness transfer and communication technologies


Project description

This study investigated the feasibility of disruptive accelerated training achieved through consciousness transfer, that has the capacity to underpin a highly effective and resources-efficient training method. Military training scenarios that currently exist in the form of vignettes could effectively be digitally downloaded to the consciousness of the trainee through the development and deployment of novel Neural Interface (NI) technologies enabling rapid knowledge acquisition. The approach taken in this research project brings a disruption to the basic understanding of training and the general concept of knowledge acquisition. Some of the benefits of such an approach include:

  • Future military training environments, by 2040, will be capable of communicating training materials directly into their consciousness through advanced NIs and BCIs.
  • In addition to consciousness transfer, disruptive capabilities will entail live communication among parties through thought transmission networks.
  • This approach will deliver a more cost and resource efficient approach as well as more effective in terms of capacity and success.
  • Furthermore, it can be a very effective way to maintain staff at the highest quality level of training by reducing the learning burden and skill fade.