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Scoping our future research priorities


Project description

People with disabilities need to use mobility tools like wheelchairs, adaptive equipment or adapted cars in order to move or be moved easily. There are many significant social, economic and technological changes affecting people’s mobility. This project was funded in order to seek the nature of the current and future needs of mobility challenged individuals. The aim of project was to identify and prioritise areas required improvement or those could enhance ‘lived experience’ of mobility users. For this we conducted semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders (n=102), and explored the perspectives of the mobility stakeholders about how people with disabilities manage their mobility. We created a wish list of 22 items using proposed solutions by the stakeholders, and used the Delphi survey approach to get the listed items prioritised by the stakeholders (n=37). The top three priorities were on wheelchairs position of which is easy-to-change, lighter mobility equipment, and user friendly, easy-to-operate vehicle adaptations.

The research items were prioritised by the stakeholders who are experts in terms of ‘lived experience’. Therefore, any innovations or development based on these high priority items will meet needs of the Motability users and enhance their mobility experience.