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Tackling Ageing Continence through Theory, Tools and Technology (TACT3)


Project description

The TACT3 project has made significant progress towards addressing some of the major issues associated with continence difficulties. Working closely with older adults, patients, clinicians, toilet users and providers we have begun to provide resources to address some of the major challenges that impact on people with continence problems.

Our ongoing and future tasks include; securing funding to develop and maintain the Great British Toilet Map; ensuring that clinicians and managers with continence service responsibilities are fully informed about our project findings; working with industry to further develop and commercialise the Smart Underwear and the odour detector.

In addition, our Canadian-linked projects have demonstrated the value of continence promotion in the community and the importance of stigma reduction in improving the lives of people with continence problems.

Impact summary

The smart underwear innovation has been adopted by a disability charity, Norwood, who are working with an assistive technology company to produce leakage detection underwear for people who are being cared for. A commercial agreement was signed in March 2016.

The Great British Public Toilet Map is the largest database of publicly-accessible toilets in the UK, listing 10244 facilities to date. This online resource helps people to find toilets immediately and to plan ahead for journeys where access to toilets is imperative.

The user-centred design research was undertaken by Dr Jo-Anne Bichard and Gail Ramster at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, within the TACT3 project.