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The Rights Hero: A mobile game to help displaced children learn their rights


Project description

This research is set to explore the use of a digital mobile game as a learning tool to help displaced children learn their rights and help them integrate better in the society they live in. The project focuses in Greece as it is estimated that 25.500 migrant and refugee children live across Greece (UNHCR, June 2018). Among them 3448 are unaccompanied minors, 2313 children are still in need for a shelter, and less than 62% of all children of school age are enrolled in Greek schools (UNHCR, June 2018). These children are really vulnerable. Together with all other initiatives to provide them shelter and places in schools, it is imperative first, to empower them and second, to help their integration to the Greek society. 

Empowerment will come through learning more about their rights. Refugee and migrant children often suffer from 'injured self-esteem and diminished cultural pride’. Teaching them about their rights will help the process of healing and push them to resume the very important sense of normalcy. 

In the past months an interdisciplinary team from the School of Law, and Games Design, and the Network of Children’s Rights in Athens, Greece came together to design and develop the game. With significant input from the social workers and the Director of NCR, as well as 6 game design students, a series of workshops defined the learning outcomes. The game mechanics were developed based on these and the prototype game was developed over a period of five days.

 The prototype will soon be tested at NCR Headquarters in Athens with refugee and migrant children.

Images below show our team at work: