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Design and manufacturing of high-performance actuation systems for aviation industry


Project description

OTM is the forerunner in provision of bespoke, innovative, space-constrained, high-performance electromechanical solutions. OTM’s expertise is in mechanical design and system integration, and the products are world-beating. OTM’s vision is to expand its expertise to include motors and drive control electronics, bringing these in-house to enhance its overall offering.

The KTP aims to design and manufacture a motor and create the drive power electronics for the motors. This will enable the OTM actuation system to perform to its full capability, to meet stringent specifications and be tuned to specific system requirements.

Impact statement

OTM are world leaders in actuation system integration creating solutions for complex problems. Our expertise is largely in mechanical engineering and design of actuators, gear systems and mechanisms. This project will build the company’s capabilities in the design and development of integrated motor control electronics using a high-accuracy sensor. The knowledge transferred will allow the company to bring an essential component of their business in-house.